Double 4ft 6"

Have a look through our range of Double 4ft 6” Open Coil Mattresses available to buy online most with next day delivery. An open coil mattress refers to the type of springs inside, what is a Open Coil spring (also known as Continuous Coil, Miracoil or Coil Sprung) These are all effectively mass produced spring systems which are linked together across the length and width of the mattress. The spring tends to come in two gage 12.5 and 13.5 the 13.5 is a softer spring (not as firm) the 12.5 gauge spring is a firmer spring most mattress manufactures refer to this as a orthopaedic or ortho there is more to the mattress involved like fillings, quilting and tufting all our mattress firmness levels are graded for someone with the body weight 10 - 14 stone if you are lighter it will feel firmer if you are heaver it will feel softer.


What size is a uk standard 4ft 6 Double mattress?

Size: 135cm wide x 190cm long       

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Ortho Perfection Mattress Double

Ortho Perfection Mattress Double Size: Double 4ft 6" Dimensions: 135cm Wide x 1...
Ex Tax: £199.99

roma Deluxe Mattress

roma delux .....
Ex Tax: £110.00

Slumber Sleep Double Deluxe Mattress

Slumber Sleep Deluxe Mattress Size: Double 4ft 6" Dimensions: 135cm Wide x 190c...
Ex Tax: £134.99

Slumber Sleep Double Emerald Orthopaedic Mattress

Slumber Sleep Emerald Orthopaedic Mattress Size: Double 4ft 6" Dimensions: 135cm Wid...
Ex Tax: £144.99

Slumber Sleep Double Venus Mattress

Slumber Sleep Venus Mattress Size: Double 4ft6" Dimensions: 135cm Wide x 190cm ...
Ex Tax: £119.99